Creating mt-app-devices.pnga sustainability report can be a time-intensive process. It involves collecting, evaluating and interpreting large amounts of data. Many companies usually have to source and put together sustainability data from different facilities, locations and teams. And some companies do not have the tools to manage and report their sustainability data. These situations can compromise the timeliness and quality of a sustainability report, which in turn can negatively affect a company’s reputation among stakeholders. For this reason, a sustainability metrics tracking application like MetricsTrac is essential when it comes to maximizing the usefulness of your data and coming up with a timely and accurate sustainability report.

MetricsTrac streamlines the processing of sustainability data and documents. It helps companies monitor all of their environmental metrics such as energy consumption, water use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, greatly aiding your staff in generating sustainability reports.

How does MetricsTrac do it?

First, MetricsTrac allows storage of sustainability data and documents like utility bills and reports from different business units. When collecting data from different divisions, departments and sites, there is a possibility that you will end up with data in different formats. This is not a problem for MetricsTrac. It has a built-in repository where data, regardless of format, can be easily stored. Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations—MetricsTrac can accommodate them all.

And it’s not just individual files that can be stored in MetricsTrac—MetricsTrac can also keep entire databases. To save you and your staff the trouble of finding, sorting and categorizing numerous files, you can simply store your existing databases in MetricsTrac. By doing so, your staff, colleagues and associates can easily access your databases and upload the files that need to be stored. You no longer need to sift through various emails just to find that PDF file that will help you finish your sustainability report.

Second, MetricsTrac standardizes sustainability data and documents. We offer inventory consulting services, program management and back office processing to ensure that your sustainability data and documents are well-maintained. Our experts and professionals can perform complex data processes and verify the accuracy of the data.

Third, MetricsTrac is customizable. We can customize it with additional features such as dashboards, reports, tasks and accountability tracking. These additional features can help you detect redundant or time-consuming activities in your processes.

To sum it up, MetricsTrac allows you to store much-needed materials in just one place, resulting in a faster and more convenient way to generate sustainability reports. It also helps you ensure the completeness and accuracy of the data, and to improve your processes. These benefits lead to accurate sustainability reports (CDP, GRESB, DJSI, GRI or CSR reports) presenting data that can be used as baselines for future filings—ultimately enhancing your company’s reputation among stakeholders.

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