Nairobi, Kenya (July 18, 2016)—Mr. James Donovan, CEO of impact-investing technology company ADEC Innovations and Chairman of the Global CEO Alliance, urged global business leaders to invest in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) during the World Investment Forum (WIF).

The WIF is a six-day event held in parallel with the fourteenth session of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD 14), giving Heads of State and Government, ministers and other prominent players from the business world, civil society and academia the opportunity to participate in both events.

The forum brings together a broad coalition of investment stakeholders at the highest level who can influence the global investment landscape.

At the event’s Global Investment Leaders Investment Summit, Mr. Donovan gave a short presentation on investing in sustainable development, particularly in projects and initiatives that support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

“There is a $2.5-Trillion funding gap that needs to be addressed every year in the pursuit of SDGs,” Mr. Donovan emphasized during his presentation. “The private sector has an important role to play in filling this gap, especially as it presents us both a challenge and an opportunity.”

Mr. Donovan discussed the many benefits to companies of orienting themselves toward social and environmental impact.  These benefits include increased business as a result of responding positively to stakeholder feedback, improved brand recognition and access to impact-related government benefits such as tax breaks.

He also used the opportunity to share the experiences of ADEC Innovations in impact investing.

“The private sector can contribute many things to the achievement of the SDGs,” Mr. Donovan explained.  “For instance, businesses can enable innovative financing, support new forms of partnership, or provide the technology and innovation needed to develop solutions that address social and environmental challenges.”

Mr. Donovan’s message was very much aligned with UNCTAD 14’s theme this year: “From Decision to Action.”  The theme reflects the needed transition from setting strategic goals in 2015 to implementing tactical initiatives for the post-2015 development agenda on the part of stakeholders such as the participants of the World Investment Forum.

The World Investment Forum is a high-level, biennial, multi-stakeholder gathering designed to facilitate dialogue and action on the world’s key emerging investment-related challenges. Its mission is to provide a platform where a debate on “investment for development” can take place and to promote investment flows that contribute to sustainable and inclusive development.