ADEC Innovations' CEO and Global Online Association for Learning (GOAL) Founder James M. Donovan in a one-on-one interview with CNN Philippines' New Day anchor Andrei Felix.

MANILA, PHILIPPINES (March 14, 2016) ADEC Innovations’ CEO and Global Online Association for Learning (GOAL) Founder James M. Donovan believes that promoting the eLearning industry in the Philippines will bring in at least a billion in outsourcing revenue, generate new jobs and help uplift the country’s educational system.

This he shared with CNN Philippines’ New Day resident technology anchor Andrei Felix on its March 14 episode. Donovan added, “Asia’s eLearning market is presently at around USD7 billion, while the Philippines’ eLearning market is pegged at around USD40 million.”

These attractive numbers, he explained, are complemented by factors that put the country on the eLearning spotlight: its strategic location in Southeast Asia, its English-speaking population, and the capability of Filipinos to provide animation, content and excellent service. All these make it possible for the country to become the prime hub in the global eLearning map.

“eLearning no longer just stands for ‘electronic learning’—it also means ‘learning everywhere,’ ‘learning from everywhere’ and ‘excellent learning’,” Donovan further explained. He continued that by combining technology and existing learning facilities, eLearning can bring best-class education to far-flung places in the Philippines at much more cost-effective ways.

GOAL is a non-profit association that represents the interest of educational institutions, teachers, students, and organizations in promoting and improving online education globally.