Corporate transparency related to environmental impacts is gaining more traction worldwide due to sustainability-inclined investors and consumers, as well as better legislation and purchasing priorities. These factors drive companies to commit more resources to measuring and mitigating their environmental impacts.

This is an important development, as it aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Many of the goals in this framework fall within a variety of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues, including accessibility and sustainable management of water and sanitation; reliable and sustainable modern energy for all; promotion of sustainable economic development and useful, decent work for all; construction of resilient infrastructure and promoting sustainable industrialization; fighting climate change and its impacts; and strengthening the implementation and revitalization of global partnerships.

Achieving these goals is not something that can be done blindly or haphazardly. It requires data-intense business intelligence and expert-level carbon management strategies. There is a need for robust systems that identify, gather, cleanse and standardize energy and environmental data in an integrated and practical way. There is also a need for deep subject matter expertise in making that data useful. Meeting global sustainability needs requires collaboration between various organizations that can synergize their capabilities to great effect. A recent example of this is the newly-announced partnership between ESG providers FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) and Carbon Clear. FCS is a leading provider of energy and environmental data management solutions. Carbon Clear’s strength in analyzing trends and anomalies in data ensures appropriate and robust reporting and interpretation.

With climate change included in numerous agendas in business organizations and local communities, green technologies are playing a big role in helping achieve the SDGs. Initiatives on water sanitation, achievable modern energy, sustainable economic growth, resilient infrastructure, sustainable industrialization, fighting climate change and revitalizing global partnerships can all be strengthened by gathering, analyzing and reporting sustainability, energy and supply chain data. FCS’ Sustainability Workbench™ achieves these processes easily and cost-effectively. With organizations facing growing amounts of information in directing their business, accurate data processing helps streamline data-concentrated activities, decreases resource use and time loss, and reduces operational expenses by removing waste and errors.

Increasing demand and challenges in the ESG sector drive ESG providers like FCS, Carbon Clear and others to think innovatively and synergize their capabilities in order to address the growing need of organizations for sustainability. Their joint services expand their reach and enhance their respective services to clients.

fcs logoFCS helps organizations recognize business drivers for sustainability practices and offers solutions with cost-effective environmental and sustainability management software. For more information on sustainability solutions, read this FCS blog article.

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