The vision and values of ADEC ESG make us who we are.

They’re the driving force behind every action, every team member, and every partnership. Scroll down to explore what makes us tick and who inspires us to change the world around us.

Our Mission

Collaborate on partnerships and innovative sustainability solutions to help organizations responsibly grow and operate by standardizing data management, transparency, and reporting; integrating ESG management into operations and strategic planning; and aligning industry, cross-industry, and public-private goals.

Our Vision

Advance sustainable business practices around the world to evolve the relationships between our planet, our communities, our businesses, and our governments.

Strategic Partnerships

ADEC ESG is proud to partner with organizations who help us create a greater impact.

CDP is a global non-profit and the world’s largest environmental disclosure system, used by more than 13,000 companies and 1,100 cities, states, and regions around the world. CDP accredited providers help companies disclosing to CDP to identify gaps in their environmental performance, address these gaps, and identify further opportunities for becoming leaders in corporate environmental action. ADEC ESG has been helping organizations improve their CDP performance since 2011, and we announced our CDP silver Climate Change consultancy accreditation for North America in 2022.

Katten is a full-service law firm with nearly 650 attorneys in locations across the United States and in London and Shanghai. Clients seeking sophisticated, high-value legal services turn to Katten for counsel locally, nationally, and internationally. As the importance of ESG continues to rise, Katten works in collaboration with ADEC ESG and others to develop and share our respective insights for corporate clients’ ESG programs. These projects synthesize technical ESG analyses, reporting, and long-term strategy with risk assessment, SEC requirements, and investor requests to collectively build multi-disciplinary and comprehensive ESG strategies and roadmaps. With this combined strength, Katten and ADEC ESG provide clients with holistic and forward-thinking ESG actions and strategy.

Climate Action Kansas City has developed a regional GHG inventory and climate action plan to transform the metropolitan area into a more resilient, equitable, and healthy community. ADEC ESG has worked closely with Climate Action KC to develop strategic webinars to engage municipalities on ESG bond issues, private industry on participation, and upcoming thought leadership in the public-private partnership space. ADEC ESG has worked with local utilities, cities, companies, and planning organizations to collectively carry forward the goals and vision of Climate Action KC.

Our Core Values

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and respect are fundamental.

Fundamental to our teams. Fundamental to our clients. Fundamental to the communities we serve and live in. Fundamental to the landscapes we work within. We need you and your unique talents, history, and background to become the Company we aspire to be.

We insist upon a culture of common respect, expect transparency, and celebrate the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals. Our mutual equality as humans is the path to diverse and innovative collaboration. We cultivate integrity, driving us to growth, and allowing us to achieve more together than we could ever hope to as individuals.

We proactively work together and guide each other in achieving our vision.


We treat our stakeholders, clients, suppliers, and community with courtesy and compassion.


Customer Focus

We continuously understand the unique needs of our clients, enabling us to deliver unparalleled customer solutions through our world-class services.

We advocate honesty in our workplace by doing the right thing even when no one is looking.


We are dynamic, innovative, and passionate for learning, fueling our relentless pursuit to achieve the highest level of standards in everything we do.


We make things happen by creatively maximizing our resources to ensure each others’ success.


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