CleanChain™, an ADEC Innovation, streamlines chemical information management and gives you insight into your chemical use and purchasing—as well as that of your suppliers. Track and monitor chemical use, ensure MRSL/RSL and regulatory compliance, and provide transparency to clients and investors. 

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FoodChain™, an ADEC Innovation, helps companies in the food services industry lower their carbon footprint, environmental impact, and operational costs. Track and monitor waste, water, and emissions with this robust and user-friendly platform. 

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BPO and Business Process Management 

Data is key to connecting profitability and sustainability—and good data provides the insights needed to make informed business decisions.

We’ll identify data gaps and implement process efficiencies to streamline the entire data collection and management process.

Free up valuable time and resources that allow you to focus on core strengths and strategic activities—and let us digitize and centralize your ESG and supply chain data.

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Jason Brandman is our Vice President/Director of ESG Technical Services

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[ADEC ESG Solutions provided] a fully functional system that is easy to use. In the past, onboarding of different systems took much more time and effort.

Jack Shih, Chief Engineer, Environmental and Energy Affairs, Navistar

URW Streamlines Data Management and Boosts Sustainability Ratings

ADEC ESG Solutions worked hand-in-hand with URW staff to develop structured responses to CDP, GRESB, and FTSE4Good, resulting in increased scores across the board. These efforts culminated in an assessment by the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors (ASCI) in 2016, designating the company at the “Leading” level for ESG reporters.

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