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Last week, ADEC Innovations team members attended the ZDHC User Tool Conference in Shanghai, in one of the year’s biggest events for suppliers and brand partners, focusing on sustainable practice and environmentally-conscious production. With more than 400 delegates from 200 companies gracing the event, this year’s conference was a major success for the industry.


ADEC Innovations CleanChain team at ZDHC User Tool Conference in Shanghai
From left to right: Dave Buenviaje, Asia-Pacific Marketing Director; Kyle Forsgren, Director of Revenue; Edmund Yap, Site Manager; Alex Wong, Customer Success Specialist; Shirley Pili, Lead Developer for Enterprise Solutions, and Max Ortega, Head of ADEC Knowledge Management.



What is ZDHC?

The ZDHC Foundation is a non-profit organization whose goal is to achieve zero discharge of hazardous chemicals within the textile, apparel, leather, and footwear industry. The ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme is “a collaborative initiative of fashion brands, chemical suppliers, manufacturers and laboratories working to reduce the chemical footprint of apparel and footwear.” The program has grown significantly in size and influence in the four years since the ZDHC Foundation was established, with over 150 contributors, signatory brands, value chain affiliates, and associates.

ADEC Innovations has worked extensively with The ZDHC Foundation for several years, aiding in the development of the ZDHC Gateway, as well as integrating the ZDHC Gateway with CleanChain™, an ADEC Innovation.


Conference Highlights

Conference speakers reflected on the ZDHC Foundation’s key accomplishments over the years, noting how the ZDHC Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL) has contributed to major strides in reducing output chemicals, facilitating cleaner water discharge, and phasing out banned substances.

ADEC Innovations’ CleanChain was also recognized in several brand presentations, including use cases discussed on stage and in plenary. Conference speakers highlighted CleanChain’s capability to track progress towards improved conformity, as well as help organizations promote and simplify chemical management change efforts.

“CleanChain was created to make it easy for brands and their suppliers to work together towards cleaner chemistry, and to help foster stronger relationships throughout the supply chain. Meeting with those same supply chain members today, and seeing their enthusiasm for engagement and clean chemistry, has been an inspiration. We’re looking forward to continuing to expand and support our CleanChain community,” said Kyle Forsgren, Director of Revenue for ADEC Innovations.

When formulators and suppliers with large inventories and chemical libraries outgrow manual, ad-hoc tracking measures, larger scale management systems become necessary in order to operate efficiently and support big, international brands. As companies push towards the ZDHC MRSL 2.0, solutions like CleanChain that facilitate chemical and relationship management become a crucial partner for companies on their sustainability journey.

“Disclosure and transparency are increasingly important in today’s world. More and more consumers are looking for trustworthy and authentic brands and, by extension, supply chains,” says Mr. Forsgren.

ADEC Innovations China Site Manager Edmund Yap agrees, “The China market is huge, but more than that the pressure to commit to sustainability and accountability is also increasing. We are at a really encouraging stage right now where brands, suppliers, and consumers are all converging on the topic of sustainable supply chains, setting real goals, and making real improvements.”


CleanChain, an ADEC Innovation, helps you gain visibility and insights into the chemical use in your supply chain. Want to find out more? Book a free demo with us today to find out how CleanChain can help you engage your supply chain and improve your chemical management initiatives.

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