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ESG Solutions for Environmental Planning

Environmental planning is crucial to business sustainability. It ensures that organizations comply with existing local, state, and regional environmental regulations and minimizes the environmental impact of doing business. Through compliance, organizations also protect the health and safety of staff and local communities by eliminating or reducing their exposure to potential hazards.

There are now a wide range of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) solutions that contribute to effective environmental planning. These solutions serve a number of purposes, from assessing the impact of a project on nearby natural resources to providing guidance on the licensing and operational permitting process. ESG solutions can help organizations identify and address their project’s sustainability roadblocks and achieve greater sustainability overall.

How can ESG solutions help you build a more effective environmental planning strategy?

Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Management

Air pollution is one of the most common environmental, health, and sustainability challenges cities face. Major sources include emissions from industrial facilities, motor vehicles, and other forms of transportation.

Air pollution can cause ailments such as asthma, emphysema, heart disease, and lung cancer, affecting employee health, overall wellness, and productivity. Air pollution can also render a location unsuitable for or unattractive to visitors. To ensure the health and safety of staff, as well as create a better environment for customers, companies in heavily polluted areas may find it necessary to relocate their operations to a location with cleaner air.

Air quality management services can work with you to ensure that business projects meet air quality standards, minimize emissions, and reduce your impact. A customized greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction plan, for example, may involve several sustainability measures, including reducing fossil fuel consumption and switching to renewable energy. These plans can help both individual facilities and overall organizations meet emissions-related sustainability targets, minimizing negative impacts on local air quality and fostering a healthier and more productive environment.

Environmental Data Reporting

Environmental data reporting provides organizations—from property developers to governing bodies—with complete information about a property and its surrounding areas. With detailed environmental data and history, an organization can quickly identify and create contingencies associated with potential environmental risks in that area. Data gives organizations a fuller picture and empowers better, more informed decision-making and more accurate, time-saving environmental planning.

The Business Case for ESG Solutions and Environmental Planning

Sustainable business practices are no longer just good PR. Increasingly, leaders in the private sector are acknowledging that commitments to sustainability are an important part of profitable, long-term strategies. With companies across industries—from shipments to property development—making efforts to reduce their environmental impact, businesses large and small are demonstrating that environmental planning and sustainable practices are an investment in future growth, and ESG solutions can help build long-term plans to achieve that growth.



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