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The holidays are fast approaching, and in many cultures, this is the season for spending time with loved ones—and the season for giving. What better way to spread the holiday cheer in your community than by giving back?

There are so many ways to offer aid to those in your community—and across the world—including toy and food donations, monetary donations, and donating your time through volunteer work. Hunger relief groups, shelters, schools, and other non-profits are in need of assistance year-round, and the winter months are a great time to start.

How can I help?

Seek out volunteer opportunities in your community. Whether through volunteer websites, special events, or your local shelter, you will find a wide variety of opportunities throughout your local community—no matter where you are.

Here are a few ideas to help start off your search:

  • Soup kitchen or food pantry
  • Local shelter
  • Toy and clothing drives
  • Schools
  • Animal shelter or care center
  • Assistance programs such as Meals on Wheels
  • Mentorship programs
  • Skill donations (hair stylists, photographers, music, and so many more)
  • Hospice care centers
  • Veteran service organizations

What are the benefits?

Besides the chance to give back to your community, bring warmth to someone’s holidays, and make the world a better place, volunteering comes with numerous benefits for the individual offering support.

Recent studies have shown a strong relationship between giving social support and positive effects on longevity, physical health, and mental health. These studies also found that those who volunteered regularly experienced higher levels of life satisfaction and happiness, as well as lower levels of depression.

Volunteering also gives professionals experience outside of their everyday work environment and the opportunity to explore new challenges and make new connections. It keeps you active and gets you involved in your community—and can even be an activity for the family to share.

When should I start?

Now! Now is as good a time as any to start helping out, but here is something to think about:

When starting your search, think about volunteering for a cause that you feel strongly about and can see yourself staying with long-term. Although many people do not have the time to volunteer regularly throughout the year, organizations tend to see a drastic drop-off in volunteers once the holidays are over. Volunteers play a crucial role in helping many non-profits meet demand, and the holidays are not the only time those in your community may need a bit of help.


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