Best Practices for CDP Responders in 2023 (Webinar Recap)

Best Practices for CDP Responders in 2023 (Webinar Recap)

We hosted a webinar to help you understand the latest questionnaire changes from CDP and how to best optimize your response for 2023. We review the highlights and best practices from that webinar here. Read More


The new EU law that’s looking to stamp out greenwashing

Consumers today face a barrage of eco-friendly messaging from the corporate world as it hopes to cash in on increasing concern for the environment. At the same time, an absence of common rules for companies making voluntary green claims has left the door open to greenwashing, making it increasingly difficult to gauge the fact from fiction when it comes to sustainable business practice. Read More

WBA & CDP: Building Sector Dangerously Behind on Climate Progress

The building sector is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for approximately 40% of global emissions. In light of the pressing need to address climate change, the new Buildings Benchmark by CDP and the World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) reveals that the sector is dangerously behind on climate progress and planning for net-zero. Read More

US details plan to draw clean energy into oil, coal communities

The Biden administration released final guidance on how clean energy companies can secure additional tax credits when investing in U.S. communities economically tied to fossil fuels like oil and coal. The extra credit will likely cover projects in places like coal-heavy Appalachia decimated by mine and plant closures. Read More


APR 2023

White Paper: Your Road to Leadership


Making sustainability an integral part of your core business strategy will improve your CDP performance—but the road to Leadership may not feel so straightforward. Download our white paper for a rundown of the major aspects of CDP’s questionnaires, case studies illustrating CDP Leadership, and actionable steps you can take on your road to Leadership.


Best Practices for CDP Responders in 2023 (Webinar Recap)