Environmental companies converge to offer worldwide clients greater opportunities to reduce costs and risk, optimize natural resource use, maximize revenue opportunities and improve operational efficiencies

DEPOSIT, NY and IRVINE, CA – (April 17, 2012) – FirstCarbon Solutions, a pioneer and industry leader in environmental and sustainability solutions for business, today announced plans to acquire privately-held Michael Brandman Associates. The strategic convergence will broaden the opportunity for FirstCarbon Solutions and Michael Brandman Associates to provide even more comprehensive and integrated environmental sustainability services to companies and governments worldwide. In addition, the integration will offer both current and future clients greater opportunities to reduce costs and risk, optimize resource use, maximize revenue opportunities and improve operational efficiencies in highly-regulated global environments.

Based in California, Michael Brandman Associates is a comprehensive environmental planning services firm that provides thousands of public agencies and private clients with contract environmental services, including disciplinary specialties such as environmental and sustainability planning, regulatory compliance, natural resource management, cultural resources management, restoration planning and monitoring, air quality and climate change services and water resource management.

As a member of the ADEC Innovations, a global enterprise with more than 5,000 employees and operations in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, FirstCarbon Solutions is the only company to have environmental expertise combined with sustainability software and extensive back office processing capabilities that can be rapidly mobilized to augment or free-up internal resources, allowing organizations to focus on their core activities and more strategic initiatives.

“FirstCarbon Solutions combines its extensive sustainability reporting, data and software expertise with Michael Brandman Associates’ comprehensive environmental consulting solutions to provide fully integrated, expanded service offerings to customers , as well to the continually evolving, global market,” said James Donovan CEO of ADEC Innovations and FirstCarbon Solutions.“With access to Michael Brandman Associates in-depth environmental expertise as part of the acquisition, organizations will be able to efficiently and cost-effectively collect the needed information, properly calculate and analyze the data, develop and implement appropriate plans, and comply with ever-evolving local, state and federal regulations across a much broader spectrum of environmental areas – all from one fully integrated company.”

Michael Brandman, Ph.D., President and CEO of Michael Brandman Associates, said “the combination of data, software and subject matter expertise is a key factor regarding connecting sustainability, reducing costs and supporting economic development.”

“Michael Brandman Associates and FirstCarbon Solutions share a common belief in the game-changing impact of merging extensive data, software and environmental expertise to provide fully integrated service offerings,” added Brandman. “We believe the time is now, and the acquisition will significantly accelerate this unique industry innovation as we look at the future.”

“Together, FirstCarbon Solutions and Michael Brandman Associates will continue to be responsive to our clients while expanding our solutions to meet their needs and the needs of the ever-changing, global market,” Donovan said. “This will be accomplished with a broader and deeper set of cost-effective solutions focused on achieving a balance between sustainability, environmental compliance and profitability attainment.”

“Now more than ever, organizations around the globe are integrating a broader range of sustainability practices into their strategies because they recognize that it’s good for business,” stated Brent Peich, Senior Analyst at Verdantix, an independent analyst firm focusing on energy, environment and sustainability. “FirstCarbon Solutions takes an integrated approach to environmental data management across software, services, and business process practices. Its acquisition of Michael Brandman Associates represents a welcome acknowledgment of the fact that such management extends beyond software and data processing capabilities to include in-the-field technical and regulatory expertise.”

About FirstCarbon Solutions

FCS advances sustainable practices around the world and helps organizations responsibly grow and operate their businesses. Seamlessly delivering fully integrated, cost-effective consulting, data management and software solutions, FCS helps clients save time, reduce costs, optimize resource use, and drive operational efficiencies in a world where sustainability matters. With more than 30 years of environmental and sustainability consulting experience, FCS meets its clients’ ever-evolving environmental and compliance needs in energy, air and carbon management; environmental assessments and planning; supply and life cycle assessments; permitting and compliance; software and data processing.

FirstCarbon Solutions is a member of ADEC Innovations, a global provider of onshore managed services and offshore outsourcing solutions for governments and businesses worldwide.

For additional information, visit www.adec-innovations.com.

About Michael Brandman Associates

Michael Brandman Associates is a recognized pioneer in helping clients achieve project objectives while ensuring environmental compliance at the local, state, and federal level. The firm has prepared over 25,000 environmental documents for more than 8,000 clients. Headquartered in California, Michael Brandman Associates has 30 years’ experience providing cost-effective environmental consulting services in the western United States. With over 65 employees who possess 15 years of experience on average, Michael Brandman Associates has proven expertise in a wide range of disciplines including air, water, noise, California Environmental Quality Act/National Environmental Policy Act (CEQA/NEPA), planning, permitting, and biology and cultural resources.

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