IRVINE, CA & LONDON, UK, January 22, 2019 ( – ADEC Innovations, a leader in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) solutions that create positive social and environmental impacts, has joined the Open Data Institute (ODI), solidifying its commitment to an open data economy.

Co-founded in 2012 by the inventor of the web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, and artificial intelligence expert, Sir Nigel Shadbolt, the ODI works to catalyze an open data economy by bringing together individuals, businesses, and governments from around the world. The ODI recognizes that harnessing the value of data for economic and social benefit – in ways that support innovation and deliver social justice – is a significant challenge. Through sector programspractical advocacy, and peer networks, the ODI and its members hope to create a future where people, organizations, and communities use data to make better decisions more quickly.

Jeni Tennison, CEO of the ODI, said: “We are pleased to welcome ADEC Innovations to our global network of over 2,000 active members, made up of businesses, startups, data experts, and government leaders who are discovering innovative solutions using data. Our members identify and address how data can be used effectively in a range of sectors to improve decision-making and processes, deliver more efficient and effective services and products, and fuel economic growth and productivity while protecting people from any harmful impacts.”

With over ten years of environmental and social sustainability experience, ADEC Innovations designs, builds, and delivers solutions that create positive social and environmental impacts. Being an ODI member ensures that ADEC Innovations can apply the latest open data principles, industry knowledge, and standards to their work. ADEC Innovations works with their clients to develop programs that are in line with the ODI’s pioneering efforts to promote accessible and trustworthy information.

“Becoming a member of the ODI opens an exciting new range of potential engagement and impact for ADEC Innovations,” said Lance Pierce, President, Global Development at ADEC Innovations. “We understand that data is the key to connecting the global sustainability agenda with business resiliency and financial performance. By linking with other corporate partners and governments through the ODI, we look forward to empowering organizations, companies, and society as a whole to make more informed decisions.”


About The Open Data Institute

Six years ago, the ODI launched to catalyze an open data economy by bringing together individuals, businesses, and governments from all over the world. Since then, the ODI has reached a global audience of millions, trained thousands in new data skills, supported hundreds of startups, and unlocked over £66 million in value. Visit to find out more.

About ADEC Innovations

ADEC Innovations’ environmental, social, and governance (ESG) business advances sustainable practices around the world and helps organizations responsibly grow and operate. With a global workforce spanning five continents, ADEC Innovations is able to seamlessly deliver fully-integrated, cost-effective consulting, data management, and software solutions to ensure they meet clients’ ever evolving ESG needs and help them save time, reduce costs, optimize resource use, and drive operational efficiencies. Visit to find out more.


Media Contact

For The Open Data Institute
Helen Desmond
+44 (0) 79 8481 3831

For ADEC Innovations
Jacki Fricke
+1 (714) 508-4100

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