Lessons from Working at Home

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Particularly for those living or working in urban areas, rush-hour gridlock is one of the most obvious forms of environmental degradation in our everyday lives.

Turning Renewable Energy Into Sustainable Energy

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Renewable energy is a growing component of the world’s energy mix. Increasing and expanding the use of that renewable capacity can decrease our reliance on natural resources and fossil fuels, creating a sustainable energy model. How then can we meet this challenge of turning renewable energy into sustainable energy?

This extreme cold snap is great for what?

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Although it is face-numbing to endure an extended cold snap of -20C or more (more than -4F), that we have had for several weeks so far this winter, it is a great opportunity to seek and seal the energy leaks in your home because the 40-degree difference between the outside and inside temperatures (about 22C or 72F) is so extreme that they are easier to find.

Environmental Impacts of Renewable Energy Sources

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Over the next 20 years, policymakers, industry and government officials will need to invest US $2.5 trillion for electricity generation. Electricity from renewable energy sources produces between 90-99% less greenhouse gases (GHGs) compared with coal-fired plants and causes 70-90% less pollution.

Why Some States Lag in Solar Energy Adoption

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Recent statistics from the U.S. Energy Information Administration show that total utility-scale solar additions in 2016 will be more than they were from 2013 to 2015 combined — leading some to predict that 2016 will be a record year for solar energy.

Hannover Messe: Energy Management and the Low-Carbon Economy

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Attending the Hannover Messe 2016 manufacturing trade fair in Germany gave me hope that humanity can be innovative enough in its energy use that we don’t overheat our planet with carbon emissions. Indeed, unlike most trade fairs or conferences, there was excitement for a low-carbon economy.

Energy Accountability & Transparency in a Low-Carbon Economy

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An important benefit of the low-carbon economy is that it accelerates greater accountability and transparency regarding the cost of energy. Greater transparency and accountability spurs innovation and efficiency. I know this because I’ve seen how well it works in my house, which is a microcosm of the economy.

100% Renewable Energy in the Age of Climate Change

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Today’s top companies have a common idea, the dream of being “powered by 100% renewable energy.” In the age of climate change, it can make a company more attractive and trustworthy, an ally in the struggle for a better world.

Why Your Business Needs a Sustainability Plan


As the private and public sectors continue to develop their sustainability plans to demonstrate their commitment to the environment and the wellbeing of their communities, the private sector faces the challenge of ensuring the long-term viability of their operations and the wellbeing of their clients and consumers.

Achieve Environmental Sustainability in Style

There is no doubt that a large number of today’s world population takes into consideration the harmful impacts of their everyday socio-civic activities on the environment. The slowly diminishing natural resources due mostly to man-made errors have become a global issue that our world needs to address immediately. With this in mind, many organizations are now more conscious in their efforts to do their part in preserving our environment and its natural resources and, more importantly, lessen the carbon footprints they leave

Renewable Energy and Biological Issues

As the costs associated with oil and gas production begin to increase, both investors and consumers have begun to recognize the importance of cultivating alternative forms of energy. It is well-recognized that solar and wind energy are renewable resources that are readily available to use as long as we have the right conditions, resources and technology. Generally, solar and wind technologies are attractive sources of alternative energy because they are considered to be passive and low maintenance, it also has the ability to be easily integrated into urban infrastructure and industrial design. As the local, state, and federal agencies are receiving an outpour of renewable energy development applications, it has become increasingly important to be familiar with the potential challenges that may arise in order to undertake these efforts.

Super Bowl XLVIII Means Green

When you think of green in the context of the Super Bowl most people think green in the form of the money spent. After all, a 30 second advertising spot during the game is said to cost as much as $4 million this year. And if you want to go to the games, ticket prices are running around $4,000.00 each. And, if you are lucky enough to be going to the games, you had better plan on spending extra green on some warm clothes!

Sustainability Matters: A Self Cleaning, Spill-Proof Shirt

The following article is part of the ongoing Sustainability Matters series on the FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) blog, which focuses on those who share a commitment to sustainability, the environment and our planet. The series concentrates on companies and organizations that conduct routine, everyday business in an exceptional, sustainable manner as well as those offering unique products and services in a sustainable fashion. FCS hopes that the Sustainability Matters series can open eyes and put a spotlight on those striving to make a difference. Click hereto find previous articles from the Sustainability Matters series.

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