Back to Basics: The Essentials of GHG Inventories

Back to Basics: The Essentials of GHG Inventories

With stricter ESG reporting regulations rising in popularity around the world, understanding your greenhouse gas data is more important today than it has ever been before. In this article, we review the essentials of GHG inventories and what you should consider before getting started.

Measuring Social Impact: Challenges and Best Practices

From diversity and inclusion to labor practices and workplace safety, an organization’s impact on the “S” in ESG can be difficult to measure and track. We address some of the challenges that quantifying social impact presents and provide some solutions for organizations that are looking to make it a priority.

The Importance of Machine Learning and Building a Data Set in Business

Machine learning can significantly contribute to business’ efficiency. It can help identify which products and services sell well during defined periods, allowing companies to adjust their sales operations accordingly to improve their bottom line. Machine learning can also detect which parts of a business process are taking up too much time and resources, enabling companies to make improvements before profits are undermined.

MetricsTrac: For Timely and Accurate Sustainability Reports

Creating a sustainability report can be a time-intensive process. It involves collecting, evaluating and interpreting large amounts of data. Many companies usually have to source and put together sustainability data from different facilities, locations and teams. And some companies do not have the tools to manage and report their sustainability data. These situations can compromise the timeliness and quality of a sustainability report, which in turn can negatively affect a company’s reputation among stakeholders. For this reason, a sustainability metrics tracking application like MetricsTrac is essential when it comes to maximizing the usefulness of your data and coming up with a timely and accurate sustainability report.

Defining a Dynamic Data Center for Sustainability Strategies

Continued growth is expected in the emerging DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) market, which may reach about $1 billion in 2016. In 2013, the efficiency industry was driven by green technology such as energy management software and virtual audits. It is also noted that in past year, the energy efficiency market gained greater acceptance from large commercial customers, according to executives at Johnson Controls and Groom Energy. On the other hand, executives from Aircuity and FirstFuel shared that better data and reporting helped the market, while Conservation Service Group CEO Stephen Cowell said technology and market convergence were responsible for growth.

Strong Data Management and Energy Management Systems

More and more extreme weather conditions have raised fears for coming climate change impacts around the globe. The unprecedented melting of the Arctic ice, the upsurge of record atmospheric and ocean temperatures, along with the rise of extreme weather events – like the record breaking cold temperatures currently impacting the east coast of the United States – are among the circumstances that we can’t ignore.

FCS Opens New Office in LA

After 30 years of unparalleled environmental planning services, FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS), a leader in global sustainability solutions, is formally re-entering the LA market with the opening of its new office in West Los Angeles, located at 11755 Wilshire Blvd., in Suite 1660. The new location will allow FCS to better serve our existing LA clients, in addition to helping organizations, private companies and governmental institutions of all sorts to responsibly grow, operate, and navigate environmental and regulatory processes and advance their sustainability performance.

FCS Expands Services to San Jose Area

For 30 years, FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) has helped organizations, including private companies and governmental institutions, responsibly grow, operate, and navigate environmental and regulatory processes and improve their sustainability performance. With our newly opened San Jose office, we are able to offer our clients expanded client services and technical expertise.

Calculating Greenhouse Gas Emissions – 5 Tips to Speed Things Up!

Recently, a company posted on 2degrees Network’s forums, in search of a more efficient approach to GHG data collection. The said company had successfully implemented a carbon reporting program internally, but was struggling with collecting utility consumption data manually. In search of advice, 2degrees Network approached FristCarbon Solutions (FCS) and asked for tips on improving data collection for GHG emissions reporting.

FirstCarbon Solutions and CDP Expand Partnership

A partnership: Working together since 2011, FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) and CDP have expanded their already strong partnership. As organizations that share a common mission and recognition that sustainability matters, FCS and CDP are focused on helping companies advance their business practices not only to improve the environment, but also to strengthen an organization’s bottom line. […]

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